Madison County Fair Intern

Madison County ISU Extension & Outreach Services
Job Description

This is a ten (10) week internship with the Madison County Fair, Winterset, Iowa. The Madison County Fair is a non-profit entity dedicated to addressing the needs of and improving the lives of the youth and families of Madison County. The fair works to provide positive experiences for families through the support of 4-H and FFA programs in Madison County. The fair is committed to providing quality family based opportunities and experiences.

Position Description:

This position is designed for an intern with an active interest in improving the quality of life in rural Iowa. The successful candidate will take a leadership roll in promoting and advertising the fair and its programs. The intern will participate in developing advertising programs, writing ads, and negotiating ad rates. There is a possibility of working with local groups to develop on-site activities during the fair. The intern will work on a wide variety of projects and will be exposed to a variety of opportunities to improve their leadership and communications skills. The intern will be exposed to diverse groups and activities and develop contacts with individuals involved in agriculture, commodity groups, advertising, and journalism. This position will expose the intern to the business aspect and management of a county fair.

Attributes of The Successful Candidate:

  • Need to be a self-starter
  • Creative, independent thinker
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of fair supporters
  • People oriented, enjoy and feel comfortable in working with both youth and adults
  • The desire to develop an awareness and understanding of the culture and tradition of rural Iowa
  • Should feel comfortable around livestock
  • Prior participation in or familiarity with county fairs is desirable

Duties including but not limited to:

  • Develop and implement an advertising plan within a fixed budget
  • Publicize the fair through press releases and contacts
  • Design advertising posters for the fair
  • Work with the board of directors on follow up with fair supporters and sponsors
  • Work with department superintendents to develop daily activities
Contact Information