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Located in Madison County, Iowa, in the small town of Earlham, the Bricker-Price Block (consisting of C.D. Bricker Building, 115 S. Chestnut Ave. on the south, and W. Price Building, 105 S. Chestnut Ave. on the north) has a unified façade and a shared front central staircase and shared interior central stair landing on the second floor.

The Bricker-Price Block occupies the prominent southwest corner at the intersection of First Street and Chestnut Avenue in the Earlham central business district, located on two-thirds of a subdivided building lot. Built in 1900 to house the C.D. Bricker grocery and general store business and leased commercial space in the W.P. Price Building, with second-floor offices above each, the Bricker-Price Block also includes a 1919 one-story rear warehouse addition to the Bricker Building. These two adjoining but separately owned buildings were built at the same time by the same builder with a unified façade and matching cast-iron storefronts, and thus the two buildings are jointly known historically as the Bricker-Price Block.