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Non-profit organization which raises support to benefit the Winterset Community School District

The Winterset Alumni Association is a voluntary nonprofit, unincorporated association of individuals who attended the Winterset Community School District, any predecessor thereof, and including any school district organized with the Winterset Community School District. Including but not limited to the Patterson School District and the Peru School District, and other individuals signifying their desire to be a member of the Winterset Alumni Association, and all of whom individuals shall pay an annual due prescribed by the Board of Directors.

In the spring of 1988, the Winterset Alumni Association was formed with 300 members. Today, the Winterset Alumni Association has a membership of more than 7,565 members.

Our Purpose is:

To gather support by solicitation of gifts and donations from the public and other foundations and private industry.

To receive and disperse funds, property and gifts of any kind exclusively for the benefit of the Winterset Community School District.

To fulfill, in conjunction with the Winterset Community Educational Foundation, all those purpose and powers as stated in Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Winterset Community Educational Foundation.

To communicate to its members and potential members through a newsletter called ''The Husky''.