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Greeting People the Old-Fashioned Way!

As a sponsor of Community Greetings, your business enjoys advertising that's unmatched by any other medium. It's our complete advertising program that makes the difference. Community Greetings advertising is a real value. No other medium offers this versatility or measurability. For a modest rate per Community Greetings Call, you receive:

A word-of-mouth sales message
The distribution of your Ad-Specialty Item
The cordial presentation of your invitation to visit your place of business for a Sample of your goods or services.
A Prospect list to measure effectiveness and stimulate sales through direct mail and phone contact.

Community Greetings reaches new customers for you in a unique way unlike any other advertising. We personally visit customers in a very receptive environment - in their residences. Community Greetings representatives are always welcomed into homes.

Our courteous and professionally trained representatives enthusiastically present your sales message customized to your specifications. Through direct advertising we convey the true personality of your business and explain what you have to offer. A detailed, informative message is personally delivered (from one customer to another) not limited to time or space. We'll promote special merchandising and continually modify your spoken ad-message at your request. Community Greetings can answer questions on the spot and create interest in your business.