Norma Jeanne's Threads



About Us

Norma Jeanne’s Threads is inspired by an AMAZING 87 year old lady that lived in Southern Iowa and raised a family of 5 on their family farm. Jean has always loved her Denim jeans and freshly pressed white blouse paired with a denim vest! NJ Threads will bring a taste of denim, boots and country livin! We will carry Women’s, Men’s, Children’s clothing and accessories hand picked for you!

Norma Jeanne’s Top 10
1. Norma Jeanne’s Threads is named after our mother/grandmother, a southern Iowa farmer
2. Norma Jeanne changed the spelling of Jeanne when Pamela was born
3. Owners are mother Pamela Jean and daughter Sarah Jean
4. Pamela has 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren
5. Sarah is married with a daughter Delaney Jean and a son Dawson Dean
6. We think the Greatest Gift of all is FAMILY
7. “We believe most people are good!”
8. NJ’s carries Women’s, Men’s, Children’s clothing and accessories handpicked for you
9. We think Winterset is One of a Kind
10. We strive to give you an AMAZING shopping experience