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About Us

Welcome! We are Real Connections Counseling, LLC. Our names are Rick & Monique Elgersma, and we are Couples and Family Therapists working in Central Iowa. Our practice is currently located smack in middle of Iowa - both in the heart of Urbandale, IA and opening a branch in Winterset in APRIL 2019!

We focus our work for couples. We work through and past whatever hurts and harms your relationship such as transitions, trouble, anxiety, depression, anger, infidelity, infertility, loss, and/or confusion. We also help couples to start their relationship off right with a solid marriage prep program! Our work is to help clients give themselves their best opportunity to grow their lives into something amazing, beautiful, and flourishing. Make your best relationship happen here!


Rick & Monique, Co-Counselors for Real Connections Counseling
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Our office space in Winterset